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Hi everyone. Since Silk Naturals is one of my favorite online retailers and I am madly in love with their lippies, I thought I would swatch some mine. This isnt my whole stash (and I have an order coming!), but this is all of the Kisser Slickers, which is one particular type.


This particular product is to me a cross between a lipstick and a balm, but its more than a tinted lip balm. Some of the colors have amazing payoff, while others are very sheer. I LOVE the way they feel on my lips.

Indoors w/ flash:


left to right: Soft, Rare Berry, Peachy Keen, Gleaming, Gold Blush, Bloom, Berry Nice

My favorite is Soft, which you can probably tell because the label is all worn away. I also really like Rare Berry. Gold Blush is my least favorite. It feels a bit gritty on my lips, while the others are nice and smooth. These are really some of my favorite lippies, and are slowly crowding all the glosses and whatnot out of my makeup stash!